FF and Glow disagreeing

Bee • 21.07.17 👰🏼❤️🤵🏼 First miracle due Jan '19 💙

When I first put my temp in this morning FF put my ovulation at 21st (which would be typical because we didn’t get to BD much around that time) then when I entered yesterday’s CM it changed my ovulation to yesterday.

My pms symptoms didn’t go away with my period and the last few days or so I’ve had cramps so I guess ovulating yesterday makes sense to me. I’ve never ovulated earlier than CD17 before (6mths ttc now)

With the summertime hour change in the U.K. I tried to temp a happy medium so about half hour before I usually would which made it half hour later time wise (with the hour difference) but I don’t think that would’ve thrown it too much surely?

Anyway, any insight would be great as the two apps don’t agree! Thank you x