Annoyed 🙄🙄 RANT lol


There’s a young lady at work (early 20s) that’s pregnant. She’s about 5 weeks she says and her and her bf both work together at this place with me. Her bf is DRIVING me MADDDD. Saying she can’t lift anything she can’t do anything SHE CANT BEND!?!? Errrrr is she pregnant or paralyzed!? We literally don’t lift anything heavier than like 15-20lbs. Wth is wrong with these people!? Me and several other girls are pregnant and don’t use it as an excuse to NOT work. Ughhhhh whew ok I feel better lmao thanks for reading my rant. Haha

Update!!!::: I should have mentioned. It’s her FIRST pregnancy!! She got pregnant within a few months of trying. She’s not even the one using it as an excuse ITS HER BF so yea it’s annoying. (They are very open people)


If you have anything negative to say.. keep it moving!! ✌🏻✌🏻 Everyone gets annoyed at times and I needed to vent. If you don’t like it. Don’t read it. Don’t respond to it. K. Thanks. And for everyone that has been understanding THANK YOU!! 😊