Just Waiting....


Currently 21 dpo and no cycle yet... I do have PCOS so I don't really wanna test due to going through this before (several times) just to find I'm not, but someone else close to me is... So that is my fear; however, I've been waking up not feeling the best a lot often, I get nauseous at work out of the blue, and today I have a really bad ear ache... I'm going to be going to the doctor to find out what can be done about my ear (I tend to keep them pretty clean), but

already know they'll ask when my last cycle was... I haven't been on Birth Control for months and when my bf and I do mess around, he does the "pull out" method (I know... TMI for some)... Anyways, not really sure if they'll wanna test me or not... Now here's my question, is it normal for me to not want them to do a test knowing I've been disappointed before in the past???