felt my little bean last night! (anterior placenta)

I am 16 weeks and last week I thought I felt little bubbles popping down low and felt it was the baby but some women on the app said it was just gas 😂🤪
Yesterday I was at my OB and she pulled out the Doppler and started prodding around a bit hard and I felt a little nudge from the inside! I told her that I felt something but how can that be if I have an anterior placenta? And she said that a lot of second time moms who already know what movement feels like will feel it even if they have an anterior placenta (also said that sometimes the placenta might be positioned as anterior high, so you can still feel movement). 
I’ve felt little bean a few more times since then, mostly at night when it’s quiet and I poke down there, but it’s nothing consistent- just small flutters and a little nudge.