Toddler sleep regression; time for a night light?

Phillips • Baby Boy born July 20th 2016 Baby Girl Born August 24th 2018 😊❤️

This regression is kicking my butt 😩 my son was happily sleeping 12 hours every night and never fought to go to bed and now bedtime and nap time is a nightmare and he sleep walks and fusses all night! I’m 19 weeks pregnant and have no energy to keep up with him.

Does anyone use a night light in their toddlers room? He’s in a toddler bed but with this regression he sleep walks and I think he’s falling out of his bed. I want to give him a night light to find his way back but I’m worried it will keep him awake and play in his room instead of sleeping.

I also posted this in my July 16 moms group but I don’t think many people check it anymore so I’m re posting it here.