Any mommas who have experience with colic- my LO gets very upset 2-3 times a day. Screaming like she’s in pain, especially while eating. This can last for hours. She’s inconsolable. She’s recently started spitting up frequently as well. Normal spit up, not projectile vomiting and she doesn’t seem uncomfortable when she does it, but sometimes it’s 2-3 times per feeding. I told my pediatrician about this and she did not seem concerned. Gave us some probiotic samples and told me to call if the spitting up turns into vomiting or if she had a fever. Does this seem like colic to you? Maybe acid reflux? I’m considering calling my pediatrician even though my daughter doesn’t have any of the symptoms my pediatrician warned us about. It just doesn’t seem normal to me, I get nothing done all day long because she’s inconsolable! I feel so sorry for her. Any advice?