A week late but still BFN? :(

So today marks 1 week late for AF to start.

I tested a few days ago with the cheap Walmart brand test and got BFN. Was hoping maybe it was too early still, so tested today and still another BFN with same brand.

Idk what’s going on I’ve never been this late before :(

I’ve been having symptoms on and off, but idk if I’m symptom spotting. My breasts are sore (don’t usually get sore breasts around AF) and my nipples are erect even when I’m not cold/aroused. I’ve been having constipation and soft stools alternating lol

Idk how much longer I should wait before taking another test or if its too late in the game to be having BFN and to then actually be worried now.

Please if u have any insight or similar experiences plz share. I’ve heard of ppl not getting a BFP till weeks later. Is that common or too much of an anomaly to be hopeful for a similar situation?

Thanks in advance ❤️

UPDATE: AF showed up a week late basically. I guess all that stress about whether I’m pregnant or not made my body not start AF till later :/ onto the next month I guess...