Final update.... UPDATE! positive hpts and a negative urine test at doctor


Update 4/19:

Sadly, I miscarried on Monday, April 9th. 😢 I couldn’t even begin to describe the way i felt and how my heart broke.

I visited my doctor this Monday, the 19th and she shared that she has no concerns with us trying again as soon as I ovulate.

Fingers crossed for next time. They do say that “April showers bring May flowers” 🌈

Update 3/29:

Nurse called and blood test confirms I am indeed pregnant - woot!


So since Friday I’ve taken 16 tests varrying between FRER and Clear Blue. All saying I’m pregnant. Today, I went to a doctor and did a urine test and he cane back in and said I’m not pregnant and I never was and the hpts are inaccurate. He did do a blood test and hopefully I’ll get those results sooner rather than later. I immediately went to Walgreens and bought a test. Well, the pink line showed up instantly and is quite strong. The photo is below.

I went to my primary care physician and he was so mind blown. He said never in his life has he heard of that happening and that the Home tests are accurate; if it’s positive, then it’s positive. He said let’s see what happens with the blood work from this other doctor and go from there. My question is: has anyone ever experienced this? My last period was 2/23 and I’m 5 day’s late. Never in my life have I been irregular and ovulation kits told me I was ovulating. Which by the way this doctor tried to tell me I must have irregular periods and didn’t ovulate. Any opinions or experiences would be appreciated. Thanks!