So nervous!!


Gosh I am so nervous. It’s my first pregnancy and I mayyy have had 2 chemical pregnancies before. Not 100% sure. But I’m 3 weeks and 5 days. Positive preggo tests for 3 days. Symptoms like crazy for over a week. I went to the Dr and she said on exam I look pregnant. I totally feel pregnant. I’m rambling lol. I just need an outlet right now. I had my hcg levels drawn yesterday and they were 27.9. So very early pregnancy like we thought. I go back tomorrow to have more blood drawn to make sure I am progressing. I’m just so nervous. My husband wants to tell family on Easter because it’s a huge drinking holiday for both sides of our family so there’s truly no way around it. They will know right away if I don’t have a glass of wine. I’m just so scared I’m going to lose it. Why is pregnancy so scary already?? Lol. Help me shake these creeping feelings!