I told my fiancé I’ll be breastfeeding the child we’re expecting

And his response shocked me

He told me that he wants me to breastfeed and I told him I’d think about it. I didn’t with my first child because my mom made me feel like a creep. When I expressed interest in wanting to breastfeed she said “gross why would you want that baby sucking on your boobs” i had pp depression so that just made it worse. Well my fiancé said he wants me to breastfeed the new baby and I said I’d think about it. When I made my decision I told him and his face lit up. He smiled so big and said “you’re actually going to do it?!” Then he hugged me And said he will help me along the way. I knew he’d be happy but I wasn’t expecting him to be THAT happy. I’m so glad I made the best choice and he’s here to help/support me