How do I calm my nerves?! (UPSETTING Friends mid-pregnancy loss mentioned)

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I’m terrified of something being wrong after what my best friend went though in December, her waters broke at late 18weeks and she gave birth too her sleeping daughter at 20+2, I arrived minutes after the birth of her daughter and cradled her in my arms, my heart absolutely broke for her, I’ve been trying to help her ever since, helped her through the funeral, did everything just to be there for her .... I unexpectedly fell pregnant in January and found out the start of February, since then I do nothing but worry because of what I saw first hand with my best friend, I saw my bubbas heartbeat at exactly 8 weeks pregnant, I’m now 11+4 and have a scan a week tomorrow on the 4th of April but I cannot put my mind at rest, as you can imagine things with my best friend have been hard because she doesn’t have her baby whilst I’m carrying one, I’ve had no bleeding or anything what so ever but I just can’t seem to ease my thoughts and worries?!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to try and ease my nerves ?!