Another November (Scorpio) baby!

Re • 24. Capricorn. Wife. Mother to a Scorpio boy and Scorpio girl 💙💖

Hello all! I am back after a recent mc, but that’s okay, I’m happy to be back!

This will be my 4th pregnancy, my 3rd November due date and my 2nd child!

I hate to be that lady but I was really hoping that my son not have to share his birthday month with a sibling - he doesn’t seem to mind though so I suppose it will be okay!

Anyway here is my first November angel: born 11/10/11

And here is how I found out about our second November angel, due 11/13/18:

I’m excited to say that even with 2 previous miscarriages I never even made it to 8 weeks with them and the signs of trouble were in my early blood work. With this one all my blood work is A+ and resembles that of my now 6 year old November baby! Maybe a girl this time though? Who knows but we are happy!

Anyway thank you for reading and wishing you all a happy, healthy 9 months!