Tani • 04/05/19 💙🌈👶

GUYS! MY LEVELS ARE RISING PROPERLY! im still only at a 75, but it went from 9 to 75 in the span of 6 days and the doctor said thats super good and im %100 pregnant. i just have low numbers to begin with! you have no idea how happy i am haha. altho im currently about 4w3d, and they dont do an ultrasound till 11-14 weeks 😭😭😭 i have like 2 months till i get an ultrasound! wtfff. how do you guys wait this long?! i might just find a different doctor to do one sooner lol. so many people get ultrasounds betwen 7-10 weeks. i just wanna see my bean, and confirm its only 1 bean haha.

sorry, i needed to get this out and hubs isnt home yet 🙈