When did you all tell people??

So my husband and I suffered a miscarriage at 8 weeks in December and got pregnant again pretty quick and I’m now almost 7 weeks. My husband doesn’t want to tell anyone! He wants to wait a while not even tell family etc and it’s killing me! My family are all spread out and we have no family here. I am going to visit my brother this weekend and nieces and I know I’m gonna be soooo tempted to spill the beans! But he keeps telling me he wants it to be our little secret for a while and I feel it’s hurtful Bc I don’t have family here and I’m close w them and I want to tell them so bad! But at the same time I can also understand where he’s coming from Bc last time we lost it at 8 weeks and we went for ultrasound yesterday and everything was great! Have any of you ladies had this experience with your man where you wanted to tell people and he made u keep it private?? It’s not fair and of course I’m gonna be excited (I’m nervous too of course). When did you all tel family and friends? He doesn’t even want to tell any family members til 12 weeks! Isn’t that a little extreme? I’m conflicted on what to do- I want to respect my husband and what he wants but I also don’t think he’s fair partly Bc I want to share my joy with everyone! My nieces are 12 and 7 and they prob don’t need to know but I don’t know how I’m gonna keep the secret all weekend when I see them! I did tell my mom and two friends though- my mom is my best friend and there’s no way I could hide it. I didn’t tell him though that I told them.