Mad at my mom

Today, my mom and I went on a little trip. Nothing serious. Just to another city an hour away to do some shopping and then back. My mom is a control freak and has to be the one to drive. Usually, I drive because I have major car anxiety but my mom doesn’t usually get to go out so I wanted it to be a nice day for her so I asked her if she wanted to drive and she happily agreed. Everything was okay until we got there and she almost didn’t stop when a school bus was stopped. I had to yell at her to stop and she argued with me asking “what? Why?” until she stopped. I was annoyed but we got over it. Then on the way home, things got worse. She made a left turn into the WRONG side of the road. There was a concrete median and she turned into the left side of it, driving on the wrong side of the road. I freaked and she was just laughing it off once she admitted that she was on the wrong side. And not even ten minutes later, she wasn’t paying attention. She was looking to the right and almost rear ended a car going 45 mph and I again had to scream at her to stop. So again she slammed on the breaks. I probably need a new car now. I couldn’t even talk to her the rest of the way because I had to be on constant lookout. She tried switching lanes to the right lane when the right lane was ending and signs said “MERGE LEFT.” When we got home, she said “sorry about that. I was deliriously tired.” Like WTF. Why would you agree to drive if you were that tired? Ugh.