Today was hard...


We had a baby shower at work today.

There was lots of teasing about who’s going to be next to get pregnant. I wanted to raise my hand and say me! Me! Please be me!

Then after work my daughter wanted to go spend some of her birthday money at target. She wanted to look at the baby stuff because she wants a baby bottle for some reason? (She’s 11!?!). (I said no of course her teeth don’t need that!)

We eventually made our way to the toy aisle and I saw this cabbage patch deer doll. I had seen this online months ago when my husband and I started trying for a baby last summer. We were excited and looking at baby stuff every free moment. I knew I wanted this for my next child but didn’t want to buy it until the seeds were sown...

I picked it up in the store, smelled that magical scent of new baby dolls, and had to have it.

I hope it is soon put to good use!