excuse for missing work because of depression ?


i can feel my depression creeping up on me... today i missed work, no call no show. Yesterday i couldn't focus or concentrate which is very essential when dealing with money and today i had anxiety and i knew it was going to get worse so i just didn't go. i ended up having a panic attack with the depression growing stronger throughout the day. i had many stressful things come up all at once i hadnt had a panic attack like this in a few years. i don't feel well enough to go back to work but i dont want to quit either im diagnosed bipolar what can i do to excuse my absence yesterday and to excuse the next few days? having a mental disorder is really personal and my job gossips its not something im comfortable sharing but i don't want to get fired either for suffering with a mental illness. i got back on my meds recently i guess they haven't kicked in yet. my job is strict on absences and will even expect proof for attending a funeral which of course i didn't submit being shocked and with grief ive received a warning for that so is there any way to go about this??