HSG done and this was my experience


Hi ladies. Had my HSG test done this afternoon. For weeks I had YouTubed and researched everything about cause I wanted to know everything about it and be prepared. So here is what I did. I’m a big winnie with pain so I took a Tramadol and an ibuprofen along with my clonzapam for my anxiety an hour before going to my appt. Tramadol is a pain med and works extra good with. Ibuprofen but I don’t recommend it for those that aren’t used to taking meds for pain. I was so nervous. Anyway, fast forward to after checking in, getting my robe on and having the nurses walk me in the X-ray room. They were all super sweet. But the doctor seemed to care less. He was doing the procedure. I layed down on the table, no stirrups but it worked out fine. You don’t need em for this anyway, I mean you do need to put your legs in position but you get to lay them down after. So spectrum goes in as normal but the doc didn’t put enough lube so it hurt like hell which it never does for me and this time it did. Then he cleaned my cervix three times with a swab which just felt like pressure. Then the catheter went in, no pain. Then he blew up that tiny balloon to keep it in place. Boom! Pain like quick as hell. Period pain times 50. It was crazy. After that he injected the dye. No pain from that and asked me to turn to each side so the dye hits each Fallopian tube. Then I was done. The only painful part was the speculum and the balloon. But it was over in ten minutes and as soon as they were done I had no cramps or anything. I don’t ever want to do it again but it really wasn’t terrible. And the nurses are there by your side the hole time to hold your hand and guide you. The results were great. Everything looked good. So now I have an appt tomorrow with the doctor to go over my blood test results and my husbands sperm results. I’m so glad that’s over. But taking pain meds before hand I think seriously helped.