is it just me or?

Emerald • austin 07.13.18💍 mason 10.03.18🌈👶🏻

is it just me or does anyone else like to go into the faint lines/no bfp rooms and give their opinions on what they see or advice on different tests to use? ive been there with the no bfp or faint lines/inconclusive lines using blue dye tests and it’s so frustrating!! you lose hope that you’re pregnant but you actually turn out to be. don’t give up!! when i used a blue dye test after being 2 weeks late and getting a negative/inconclusive result, and still didn’t get my period after another week..i was convinced it was stress. it turns out i just ovulated late and it took a little longer to get my BFP!! i’m now 12 weeks pregnant with my son!

please don’t give up mamas!