Boyfriend.... well ex boyfriend trouble

Hi everyone

I’ve split up with my boyfriend about 3 weeks ago, we kept arguing and he really changed. We are only 16 (me) and 17, and he says that now looking back on it he was going through some hormonal changes etc as he was also being horrible to his mum. The reason I decided I couldn’t be with him was because he had become very immature compared to when he used to be mature and he started to get really angry he would never physically hurt me though, through the 3 weeks I said I needed time but he wouldn’t give it to me and always contacted me which lead to me Contacting him out of old habits. I was away this weekend and when I came home he had left me flowers and love letter and 100 reasons why he loved me, though this was sooo sweet it made me feel like I had to make a decision whether to be single or get back with him, I felt frightened and under pressure, so we spoke and I decided along with him agreeing that we needed to completely split up and not speak so I could see what I really wanted. That was on Sunday and I miss him terribly but I don’t know if that’s because we aren’t speaking at all and I’m used to speaking to him or whether it’s because there is something worth saving and I should get back with him. What do you guys think? X