Cerclage at midway through pregnancy

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Hi mommas and mommas to be,

I may be getting a cerclage put in last week.

My cervix was measuring short next week and I get rescanned this upcoming Tuesday. If the cervix is still measuring short, I will be getting a cerclage put in.

This is my 2nd baby. My first born son was born prematurely at 33 weeks, and in addition, my amniotic sac is halfway detached due to a small slip down our stairs at home. I’m officially labeled a high risk pregnancy with complications.

I’m nervous and scared for the cerclage and not sure what to expect but I also want to do it because I want my baby girl to be safe and make it to full term and have a healthy birth. I had an emergency c section with my son, and I’m praying for a VBAC with my baby girl.

My doctor said I had good chances of a VBAC at the beginning of the pregnancy, but now she’s starting to seem a lot less optimistic about a lot of things and honestly, I’m scared.

I’ve been on vaginal progesterone since week 16, and I have weekly appointments to check on baby’s development and my care to make sure she doesn’t come early.

So far baby is doing great. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her, just with me not having a short, possibly incompetent, cervix and a damaged amniotic sac and a previous preterm delivery that is reason unknown.

Anything mamas can share with me about the cerclage? Looking for positive experiences.