PCOS Possibly?


So I’ve been on birth control since I was 13 to make sure I had regular periods and such. A couple years ago, I was in between birth controls and got pregnant with my son. He’s amazing and I love him, so I wouldn’t change a thing. Fast forward and I meet my current fiancé. We both want at least one more baby. I got off birth control because it was giving me horrible migraines and I was a mess. Plus we wouldn’t be upset if I got pregnant. Felt better, normal periods for a couple months and now nothing for over 2 months. My doctor thinks I have PCOS and said he can’t test me til I’ve gone 3 months without a period. But he said it would be hard for me to have another baby and it’s probably been contributing to my weight. I did some research, but I’m hoping for some advice. How do they test for it? I’ve already started losing weight, because I knew that I needed to. My diet is healthy now, and I don’t eat any sweets or fast food anymore. I’ve like 13 1/2 lbs already. But what else can I do? Ive been told being on birth control helps regulate the hormones. I’m rambling, I’m sorry but I guess I’m just a little scared.