Pest control during pregnancy?

Kay ✨

I just recently discovered that we have a spider infestation in my home. I live in a desert area so there is a potential for some pretty harsh bug bites, including Black widow, brown recluse, so on.

My landlord works with a pest control company who will come quarterly. I just got off the phone with one of their representatives who assured me the spray that they use is safe for pregnant women to be around. He said that me and my animals do not have to leave the house while spraying and the chemical sprayed is safer than windex for humans, just not for bugs.

My OB has approved it And I will not be staying in the home for one week after spraying. I will be at a friends, dog sitting while she’s on vacation. Something about it still feels uncomfortable, but as my OB said a harsh spider bite would be farm worse than exposure to the spray. What are your thoughts?