fuck being a girl

Willow • 26. NJ.

always have horrible cramps I've had my period for 10 years it's so extreme I can't walk I can't push to go poop because my stomach hurts too much it hurts from my knees to my chest all of my lower back.. it's killer I really don't know what to do anymore nothing helps I don't even take pain medicine anymore because it does nothing.

also I bleed an extreme amount it just sucks so much I know there's a million other females out there that have the same issues it's just ridiculous to have to be put through this for 8 days :(

I use heating pads I also have a corn husk bag that I heat up in the microwave and it puts pressure on my lower stomach for my cramps because it's heavy..

there's really nothing helps anymore can someone please give me any tips or recommendations on anything that could help me? Also I used tampons I don't use pads and I'm not interested in trying the cup because I heard it makes cramps worse.

thanks ladies -stay beautiful 💜