Should my SO go to CANCUN on a guys trip ?

Adna • sorry not sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ok so my SO just told me yesterday that he was invited to go to CANCUN with a group of his guy friends (one is getting married so it’s a bachelor trip) MOTHERS DAY WEEKEND!

I immediately said NO !

He got all mad and was saying how I’m not reasonable. That if I wanted to go to Mexico with my mom I could ..uhhh my mother is not the same as a group of “single dudes”.

My arguments :

He’s not even a part of the wedding

Shouldn’t get to spend all this money when he can’t even take his family on a trip like that(our son & I)

All the guys he’s going with are KNOWN cheaters and are not married or have kids he’s the only one.

Am I overreacting ,or am I right in saying no.