Sometimes you need to let it go (Update)


We’re being induced Friday. My husband decided to cook dinner for us. My husband is excellent on the grill but doesn’t know how to cook anything else really. He decided to make meatloaf and it of course had multiple ingredients. I went in the kitchen and there was a mess everywhere!!! I was so pissed off on the inside but I didn’t say anything. There was chunks of ground beef on multiple counters and the table. He didn’t keep it contained in one area like I usually do. Every bowl possible was used too because it wasn’t big enough. 😂😂 I just proceeded to clean up. He told me to go sit down but I told him he did a lot of work so I can help with dishes. I really just can’t stand how he cleans honestly. He has never wiped down the counters, he uses the spray thing full blast so all the uncooked / cooked food sprays EVERYWHERE from the dirty dishes, he uses his hand to scrub the dish when we have scrubbers right there, etc. Then I walk in and I see this

😂😂😂 I just couldn’t be upset anymore!! I realized he NEVER cooks and I should just appreciate the effort he made for our family. Now let me get back to cleaning the counters LOL


A few of you asked about the induction and everything went smoothly! Went from 5 cm to 10 cm in an hour! Pushed 6 times and she arrived perfectly healthy! We had Madison at 5:24 pm and she was 8 lbs 11 oz and 20.5” long. Here are a few pictures of our beautiful new addition! Our son is so thrilled to be a big brother 💙💙💙 He bought her a black cat in the gift shop while he was waiting for her arrival. That’s why it’s in several pictures 😂😂😂