8 days late, not sure if I should worry

So I have nexplanon the implant in the arm. When I first got it 15 months ago, my periods were irregular then they became normal. Then in January it became totally crazy where i had it for almost 2 weeks then went 2 days before starting bleeding again for already five more. I then had light bleeding for 4 days 3 weeks later. I’m now 8 days late and I’m not sure if I should worry or take a test. I was extremely stressed in January and I know that can affect it. My bf and I only use the implant as protection but he has cum in me in about a month. I can get stressed easily and have anxiety. Idk what to do. I think I’m getting some of my pms symptoms like cramps and mood swings and cravings like usual but I haven’t gotten it yet and I don’t have any of the usual pregnancy symptoms. What do you ladies think? Should I take a test?