Is he serious?

I broke up with this one dude because I thought he wasn’t taking me serious due to the fact that he would never take me on a real date but always wanted head from me ...from what he told me when I left him he fell into a sort of depression and was heart broken. Even his family could tell that he was acting different since he wasn’t around me. He would still text me often during the break up and would send mixed signals saying that he was trying to move on but still wanted to see me and hug me... he recently got a job where I work supposedly to be closer to me and we decided to try the relationship again... he gave me flowers and told me he apologized for making me feel used in the past how where I work people keep saying he’s unattractive and that I’m a pretty girl and I can do better so now I feel like taking him back is a mistake... is he serious... should I try again?