Finally excited


I was feeling so guilty this pregnancy because it’s my last and I was not feeling it.

I’ve been so sick And in and out of the ER I just wasn’t connecting with this baby.

Finally today I had an ultrasound and I’m so freaking in love with him/her now.

I asked the technician if she could give me a few moments to watch the baby so I might bond with it and she did.

I watched him/her kick and move around and wave at me.

It was amazing! I finally feel excited and connected to my baby.

I just wanted to post this in case anyone else was feeling disconnected to their pregnancy. It happens and sometimes you just need a moment to see that that little human is actually there and whatever discomfort is for the greater good.

Anywho I’m so happy now. And here’s my little baby at 14 weeks 1 day.