Showing provocative photo to my boyfriend


Hey ladies,

So I guess this should be a poll because I need to know what I should do my boyfriends brother has this friend, let’s call her “Katie”. Katie and I met at a party back in October. She seemed very nice, and was just hanging out with my boyfriends brother the whole time the party was going on. I didn’t really talk to “Katie”, just asked where she was from, and I think I said I liked her hair or something, idk. Anyways, she comes over to my boyfriends house, I don’t know, every month maybe? And she came over on Monday, and apparently she was being SUPER flirty with my boyfriend😠, (his words) and she ended up showing him a picture of her in her underwear, asking if her butt looked good. My boyfriend (being the loyal cute thing he is) just looked away and was like “woahhh okay can you stop”🙄and eventually she did. He ended up driving Katie and her kids home because she doesn’t drive, and my boyfriends brother didn’t feel like it. My boyfriend just told me about it tonight, and now I’m wondering...should I let it slide? Should I just sit here and know that some stupid hoe thinks it’s okay to show pictures to my boyfriend, and touch him and flirt with him?🤬Or, should I be calm like I have been and just let it go until next time?😤I was thinking just a simple message saying that that’s not okay would do the trick. But am I being overly protective? I mean, if some guy was doing that to me, and showed me a d*** pic, I’m sure my bf would want to message him. I don’t know, does anyone know what would be considered, “right” in this position?🤔😞