Miscarriage help


Sorry for the long post, just trying to get some information.

Feb 3nd: BFP my DH and I have been waiting over a year to see.

Feb 7th: spotting

Feb 12th: go in for ultra sound. I was supposed to be 8w5d... baby measured 7w1d and sac was already dissolving and measuring at 5w5d. I’m hey confirmed a miscarriage in progress.

Mar 14th: go in for a follow up US. Everything was gone and there was no extra blood flow going to my uterus.

Fast forward to today Mar 29th: I’m still spotting with no AF in site. I stopped spotting for 1 week and it came back a little heavier. TMI....its all just been brown blood with old brown clots. It has no smell and I’m not running and fever for feeling nauseous. My doc said at my last appt I should be getting AF any day now and could spot up until I get it. Well AF is no where in site. Anyone else expletives this and what was the outcome?

P.S. this is was my first pregnancy and no one in my family has experimented anything like this.