New to this.. could this be evap?


Hi.. I have never posted on this app before so if this is not supposed to be here then please delete and sorry!

I am supposed to get AF Monday or Tuesday.. I have no idea when I ovulate as I have never tracked it before but I am very regular. We were not planning on trying for a few more months, but on the 18th we kind of just went for it thinking NO WAY will it happen from one time. I then saw the app said it was during my fertile week.. again this is just according to the app based on my periods no real tracking or anything.

I have no real symptoms.. but never get any for my period either.

Yesterday morning I took an 88 cent Walmart test obviously really early before AF but they are so cheap and I’ve been so stressed out thinking I could be. After few minutes nothing showed up so figured that one is done. Got in shower.. got out and there was a VERY faint line.. looked at people’s Walmart tests on here for hours and determined it must be an evap because it was looked at after the 10 min max. So I wake up today and take another one and get this before 8 min.. I set a timer this time. It is much more noticeable than the one yesterday but this is my first time ever pregnancy testing so I am not sure if this could still be an evap?!

Here is a pic of the one from yesterday.. pulled out of trash and clearly dried out but just for reference on how much more noticeable today is.