sad when baby doesn't move?


so I have an anxiety disorder. I go through these phases sometimes where I freak out that there's something wrong with the baby. and usually it's when she hasn't moved in a while. it happens even though I've felt her move like earlier in the morning when I was sleeping or whatever but no matter what I tell myself I still have an anxiety attack over her not moving! and like always she starts moving later on and I'm fine. I know my ob has said all we need is some movement in the morning, some afternoon, and maybe some at night. and even though I know shes SUPER active at nighttime mostly my attacks usually happen in the morning when shes usually not as active. has anyone else experienced this amount of anxiety in pregnancy? how do you stop them or at least shorten these attacks? and I don't do medication by the way. I was forced to be on medication most of my childhood and as a result an now against taking anything for pretty much any ailment, thanks