do i have an std???

i had sex yesterday, so it’s unlikely i’d be having symptoms already, right? we were protected for the majority of the time with a condom, but toward the beginning he continually tried to have sex without one so it’s possible i was exposed to an std/i (he’s not my boyfriend, and i had just met him so i have no idea about his history with sexual diseases).

my vagina is VERY sore, he had quite a big dick and i’m not used to that and we didn’t use lube so that probably explains that. however it’s also kind of itchy and burns a little, and my vagina is super dry and tender to the touch. and also i have these pinkish sores all over toward the bottom of my labia, where the vaginal entrance is. i get those sometimes when i shave but they don’t look quite the same and usually i will get them on my pelvis as opposed to down there, so..... help?