Please read ps long what’s ur stories


So in November 2017 I had my period (I have inregular periods) in December 2017 I was in hospital for a week just before Christmas due to pain in my lower abdomen this pain wasn’t like cramps I couldn’t walk I was in so much pain I was also have diarrhoea (this had being going on for over 2 weeks now I had being to the doctors they said it would pass after a week or 2 but never) so my uncle rushed me to hospital where they told me to do a pregnancy test (and wouldn’t tell my aunties I am sexually active with my boyfriend) they also took my blood and when I did the pregnancy test and a urine sample I started to 💩 with blood in it and that started to scare me as I was only 15 and didn’t have a clue what was wrong, they told me to go to the doctors the next day which I did and they give me the results back as I was fine nothing wrong they told me they would take more blood in the next week to see if there was anything else it could be. A week went by I was still the same and they took my blood. About 2 weeks later I got the results back of anemia so they give me some iron tablets. I had no period in December at all I thought it might be due to me having low iron or me being ill. January came and still no period till 21st-25th I had a spotting like period wasn’t red blood there was hardly any blood there and my period are normally 7-10 days long not 4/5 day and February came I started getting loads of symptoms of being pregnant such as; morning sickness back pain I had being having these symptoms for a while tho. So my friend went and bought me a pregnancy test and I did it the next day at 4am as I woke up needing a week and within 10 seconds of doing the test (I weed into a container) it came up with a very bold line. With me only being 15 at the time started to panic so I told my mate and boyfriend and they were happy and I told my second Mam (not related) and she went out during the day and got another test as I wasnt sure it was right (she’s a nurse) and I went to hers after school and did this other test which was invalid no result at all so we went out and got another one and the positive line came up before the line u test it against did so we knew for shower and then she held my invalid test in my wee for 5 minutes and it came up postive too (we hadnt read the instructions) so I got her to tell my auntie and later that night I told my mam (I don’t live with my Mam and dad due to a bad past) i still can’t believe I’m pregnant I turned 16 March 19th and I have no clue how far along I am yet and no midwifes can tell either had no scans either does anyone have clue how far along I could be I’m thinking 2-4 months as the December test the nurses did was negative (they didn’t give me the test back so I’m just guessing) so I could have maybe being a week pregnant as mr and my boyfriend a very sexual active.