Ultrasound stress 🤨


I had an ultrasound today with a visiting Dr and she was just awful!! She was so problem focused and even though everything was awesome and perfect she found the need to let me know that my baby has a higher risk of being born STILLBORN AT LENGTH because I am 40 and THEN said even though there are no indications you are also at a higher risk of CHROMOSOMAL ABNORMALITIES!! Out of nowhere! Not once did she tell me what was good about my baby!

Wtf? Thank you for that nonsense?!

My goodness! She tosses two pictures at me, told me I needed weekly scans starting at 32 weeks (today was my first) and left. What is wrong with people?? 😝

The tech thankfully let me know how great he looked and measured. She talked me through everything and showed me what was normal and that he was healthy and strong. Thankfully everyone else was wonderful but she was the worst! I feel like I should say something to the clinic. 🤨