Do I try natural for awhile or move straight to another IUI?

Samantha • Married 8.20.16💍and TTC #1 with 3 failed iui's, just had laparoscopy and discovered mild endo

I have had 3 failed <a href="">iui</a>'s so I opted for diagnostic surgery after that. I am one week post laparoscopy and met w my doctor today. He found minimal endometriosis on my uterus but said my right ovary was covered in scar tissue. He said in the past 2 years of trying the tissue was stopping my ovary from releasing an egg. He removed the tissue but said he cant guarantee that will get my right ovary to work properly. He suggested either trying naturally for a few months or going right back to a medicated <a href="">iui</a>. My left ovary is fine and I am 30 years old.

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