Are any of these signs of early labor?


I’m 37+3 with my first baby. She dropped about two weeks ago, and the pain I have been in is unreal. I have noticed a dramatic increase in discharge, pelvic pressure, and what seems to be pressure on my rectum. I’m having two bowel movements a day, but not diarrhea, and I constantly feel nauseous to the point where it seems I’m going to throw up randomly. The pain has increased so much in the last few days to where I can barely turn over in bed, the stairs are nearly impossible, and every step feels like it’s tearing my pelvis apart. I have also noticed I’m more emotional. I just feel like crying but I don’t know if it’s because I’m so miserable from the pain or if it’s something else. At my appointment Friday I was 50% effaced and soft but I was not dilated.

Do any of these sound like signs of early labor? I just wish to be induced and get my baby girl out, but I know it’s better for her to stay til she’s ready. My OB gave me Hydrocodone to try for the pain because it has been so bad but it doesn’t even touch it.