Anyone else have this fear?

Jennifer • 28, married w/ one baby girl and hoping for a miracle

I've only recently been diagnosed with PMDD and it makes my anxiety out of control turning my time of the month, but before all this, when I was pregnant with my first child, we discovered that I have a phobia of foreign objects being inside my body. I had never thought about it before but having to go through exams and such it dawned on me that I've never used a tampon, IUD's and other BC that you insert freak me out, I've never used or had interest in adult toys, my pelvic exams always cause me to break down into tears, I have NO piercings, when I was in the hospital they had to cover both my hands in gauze and tape to keep me from pulling my IV out in panic and once before trying to concierge my husband had accidentally lost a condom inside me during sex and had to go fishing for it while I was trying not to freak out it has only gotten worse. now that we are planning another pregnancy I'm wondering if I'm the only one out there like this? the nurses all treated me like I was crazy last time one even yelled at me for being childish. I can't control it, it's an irrational fear.