Baby Fingernails


Please give me some feedback and helpful tips here. I have a three-week-old. I filed his nails like everyone told me to but that was last week. It wasn’t as effective as I thought it would be. I was SO nervous about doing it again bc it seemed like I was filing his fingers too. And it just really didn’t seem to help much. So I tried again tonight and it still didn’t really seem to help.

He will never get still enough for me to be able to really look at what I’m doing. Even when he does sleep (which isn’t very often). He hates having his hands messed with.

How do y’all do this? I feel like I need to watch a how to video on this or hire an instructor or something! I’m beyond frustrated at this point and can’t continue putting him in onesies with the mitts on them. It’s about to start being 90-100°F every day here and he really has to start wearing short sleeves.

Will you please share all tips and info with me?