I'm nervous about my dog when I bring the baby home

Cassity • Laila 05/15/17, Xander 4/10/18, and Grace 11/06/2019

I have an 8 year old chocolate lab that's pretty much the queen of the house. She's absolutely spoiled and happens to be diabetic so our life revolves around her schedule. She has to get her insulin injections at a certain time every day and night so we have to schedule everything around that or she could die. She also HAS to eat. Sometimes she'll be picky about her food and refuse to eat until you give her what she wants (human food). The issue with that is she has to eat because if she doesn't then she can't get her insulin and if she can't get her insulin she can die. Some days I literally have to hand feed her food piece by piece just to get her to eat. And she won't eat if my husband tries to feed her. He's her absolute favorite person, but refuses to eat if he tries to feed her or if he's even in the room while she's eating. So no matter what I'm doing I have to drop everything and feed her, watch her eat to make sure she eats it all (if I walk away she'll refuse to eat), and then give her the insulin. She literally gets catered to and it's absolutely ridiculous but she's my princess and I don't want her dying. When the baby is here she won't be catered to and basically waited on hand and foot. I'm worried she'll get jealous. She's an absolute sweetie and amazing with everyone including kids, but what if she gets jealous? She wouldn't try to hurt the baby would she? She's never ever been around babies. And I've had her since she was a puppy so she's been the center of attention her whole life. It's about to change in a matter of days as I'm being induced Monday (if he doesn't arrive before that). How do I introduce her to him and make this transition as smooth as possible? My child comes first obviously, but I'm just so nervous