Am I rude for not accepting neighbours parcels? (Please read desc)

Laurel • 🇬🇧🎨🎮💅 👦🏻💙:14th June 2015 👶🏻💙:7th Feb 2019

I live in a block of flats opposite a bloke, let’s call him P. P is a single man who lives alone, works part time and sleeps a lot (He once knocked on my door at 10am in his pyjamas and apologised for disturbing me ‘so early’) He moved in about a year ago. We have met a few times, we know each other’s names and say hello in the corridor or the street, but that’s about it.

P buys things off Amazon A LOT. We’re talking 4 or 5 parcels a week, every week. He is out or asleep for MOST of them. And naturally as the flat opposite him, the postie always asks if we’ll accept them for him. I always used to say yes, but now I’ve started saying no for several reasons:

- Sometimes it takes several days to catch him when he’s in to give it to him

- He started knocking after 10pm asking for it (he knows we have a 2 year old who goes to bed at 7pm)

- Sometimes he orders really large items and we live in a really small flat with no storage

- He named us as a recipient for several parcels without ever asking if we would take them for him (seemed kinda rude)

- He orders SO MANY PARCELS.

If we order something online we make sure we’re in there accept it. So should he. Am I horrible for saying no? Should I still take them? Is he expecting too much? Please let me know.

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