Is the customer really always right?

Boy do I hate people sometimes.

So I work at Kroger and I’m a cashier. Generally the customers are very nice and don’t have very many problems, but of course, the one day there an actual problem is the day I’m not having a good day. It started out well, but as time went on I started my period so I began to not feel too well and I still had a lot of time until work ended.

So I’m just going about my day scanning people’s items and doing multiple transactions, scanning coupons and shit (keep in mind since it’s a grocery store we have to move at a fast pace and scan a certain number of items per minute) and I start scanning this woman’s items, asking her how her day went. As normal I was still scanning items and a common mistake that customers make is that they will put their card in the machine before I finish scanning so if something goes wrong the transaction automatically completes and you aren’t able to cancel. So this is the mistake that she made. I was still scanning her items and she put her card in beforehand. So I finish and since I’m moving at a fast pace trying to get to the next customer in line because they’re lining up behind her, at least 2-3 other customers (busy hours) so I’m human and I make the mistake of forgetting to scan the coupons that she gave me.

So since she had already put her card in, the transaction automatically went through and her receipt was printed. BOY was she ANGRY. All of a sudden this woman goes from being completely calm to yelling at me in front of a bunch of other customers and my bagger saying “this is not ok, you need to do better. Now I have to go stand in line for 15 mins and I have to go nurse my baby” So naturally I’m really embarrassed and I start apologizing and I tel her she can go over to customer service and they can figure things out for her and get the coupons on the transaction (being SUPER nice to her when I could have been rude as hell back) but shes still mean and says “yea I am” in an angry tone. So I hand her her receipt and I tell her to have a nice day, and I watch her go over to customer service then start scanning the next person’s items (Even she was like wtf was that).

So 15 minutes later I’m off work and I clock out and I ask my supervisor what happened because there was a spill all over the floor. So he jokingly said “you forgot to scan someone’s coupons” and I was like “wait what really” but he said it was just a joke. So then he starts going on to tell me that the woman said I wasn’t nice to her and I didn’t show her sympathy. LIKE BITCH I WAS NICE AS HELL TO YOU AND I HAVE WITNESSES. Why the hell would I be rude to a customer after working there for a month?? I’m not finna get fired?? So now I’m standing there getting yelled at by my supervisors because I had to get her to go to customer service and get told I have to be nice when in reality I was. Finally I go home and tell my family and the first thing they say is how bad they feel for the woman’s husband. So yea. Moral of the story:

Don’t forget to scan nursing women’s coupons because they will go ape shit on you.


I’m not a heartless bitch who doesn’t care about the customer. I have just been never yelled at by a customer before so I felt really bad about it and I wanted to tell my story because I thought it was kinda an interesting part of my day. I actually felt really bad and was also super embarrassed about the situation because I’ve never experienced that with a customer before. I understand her point of view, but I really think she blew things way out of proportion and acted immaturely about it causing a huge scene like that. So yes that’s my story. Enjoy!