Is it wrong??


So my husband and I got into an argument before he went to work. It started out as talking over some shit that we both need to work on, then turned into me complaining about how he hasn't really done stuff around the apartment like unpack and before we moved he didn't help me pack. He tried to say he doesn't get a chance to because we are always leaving the house, but yet he has a chance to go over to his sister's house while I work even though now we don't even live 15 minutes away. So as usual when I can't take anymore arguing I lay down and I shut down. I don't want any physical contact and I don't wanna look at anyone or anything. Well tonight, he tried to get me to set up after I've shut down to hug him, which obviously didn't go as planned. Then when he was leaving he said I obviously don't care because I didn't wanna move and I didn't wanna look at him. Of course I started crying as soon as he left because I'm hurting and I'm upset with myself. Now he texted me to let me know he made it to work and then said please talk to me. I honestly don't want to. Is it wrong that I don't wanna talk to him?? Should I talk to him or should I wait till he gets home??


I texted him back, we talked through some things. He came home during his break and just cuddled with me and then did the same thing after work. I think we will get through the immature parts of our marriage and be alright. Thank you ladies for guiding me and reminding me of what was more important in life.