Okay ladies I’m just really frustrated and legit crying because my breasts are so small, it’s legit like nothings there😭I’m all about accepting your body and having self love and confidence, but I think about this all the time and freak out, I don’t know what to do!😭it’s just so dumb because it seems like I can’t be a full on “women” without them...I know it sounds dumb, but it seems like all my friends have breasts and I don’t😭I know that sounds super elementary and dumb (I am 17, but I’m really mature for my age) I say things about it to my boyfriend (of course hoping for reassurance and shit) and he says stop, and that he likes my boobs and all that...but sometimes I seriously think about getting implants when I’m older. Not really big ones, just a C cup maybe...but my boyfriend says he likes them the way the are.😢all the women in my family have at least D cups...and here I am with barely a B. I just need some advice or, I don’t know, positive words. I’m sorry this post is so long.😓