Vanishing twin syndrome

Lacy • Mommy of Christina Rose🌹💜💙❤️ My rainbow baby 12-01-15🌈👶🏽🍼 Penelope Ariella due November 💖💜💚❤

I posted a week ago about a possible twin pregnancy. My first ultrasound showed two sacs while only one contained a yolk sac. Doctor told me not to worry since I was still really early. Went in for a second ultrasound today and the yolk sac turned into a baby with a heartbeat, however the other still didn’t develop. They said the second sac should be absorbed by the uterus and shouldn’t harm the other baby. I’m a little upset that one didn’t make it, but BEYOND blessed that the other one is developing. So many mixed emotions. This is my 5th pregnancy with only one born. I’m high risk and extremely anxious, but praying for the best🙏🏻💖