Am I being unfair?

I’ve been dating my SO for a little over 2 yrs. I guess we got out of the honeymoon phase so now he’s like quiet & not as social with me. Like not much sense of humor or talkative in general. He’s like that with everyone not a very social person & sometimes i see him once a week & i get all excited to see him but for the most part once I’m with him i get kinda bother because he doesn’t really make a convo or just socialize with me & idk if I’m being wrong. I basically never dated & my last ex was shitty so I’m not sure what is normal & when i should leave. I know no one is perfect & it’s made the exact way i want them to be. I do mention maybe a lot how he never makes a convo & he gets bothered like if he’s not good enough & I don’t mean it in no harmful way