Lots of white creamy cm?!

Chloe • Baby Wyles Buckley - our prince.🍼💙👣. 5.12.19

Today I am 10 days late, af was due the 26th March and never showed. I’ve had no symptoms to convince me I could be pregnant, I’ve had sore nipples, sometimes I feel a little sick but not for long, no cramping apart from once maybe twice a day? But genuinely nothing is convincing me at the moment. Until I woke up this morning to a load of creamy white cm!! It is so creamy inside (tmi) sorry lol. But when af was due I had watery cm, so watery I thought I was peeing myself now and then & my underwear would have sticky discharge in etc but I thought nothing of it until I had the creamy discharge this morning. Pic has been included

I’m trying to hold off testing but I’m thinking of testing tomorrow or today. I just wanna know!! So my question is, did any one of you lovely ladies have creamy cm before bfp? Does this look familiar?? Thank you