Chemical Pregnancy 13dpo?

Hi, so we have been undergoing <a href="">fertility treatment</a> for 18 months. No previous positives.

I tested on 10dpo negative

Then tested on 11dpo vvvvvfl, the kind you are not even sure is there, so did like 10 more tests because I am a psycho and got a vvvvvfl on them all.

Waited until this morning 13dpo and did the four different brands of tests that I took at 11dpo and the results are the same, no darker than 2 days ago. Is this a chemical pregnancy? Could it be because I stopped the progesterone on 11dpo?

Things have been stressful here the last couple of days, I think my marriage is over, my partner moved out/I kicked out. It all probably isn’t helping. 😢

I used frer, 99cent store uncheck and I also used Walmart cassette test and wondfo - even harder to see on wondfo then all of the others.

Left 11dpo to right 13dpo

ETA: Beta was only 8 on 13 dpo... most likely a chemical pregnancy.