Stabbing/shooting pain one sided

Bee • 21.07.17 👰🏼❤️🤵🏼 First miracle due Jan '19 💙

I’m 10dpo (I have a LP of 13) and for the last couple of days I’ve had cramps but not normal AF cramps. They’ve been one sided and more uncomfortable than painful and a kinda “warm/gassy” feeling (but not gas as I get gas a lot and it’s not that). Today I’ve had sharp stabbing/shooting pains on the right side which is the side I Oed on this month but the pain is a little lower. Again its not so much painful, more uncomfortable. Had really heavy creamy Cm, super painful nipples and sore boobs, lots of acne I don’t usually have and randomly get tastes of metallic the last few days too.

Anyone else had all this before their bfp? I’m feeling so positive about this month but I’m also trying not to get my hopes too high in case af arrives. The temptation to test is killing me but hubby has forbidden me to test before af after our chemical in Feb :(